The Latest in Innovative Beverages: Corina’s Switchy

Corina’s Switchy

She took an ancient drink, and made it her own.

Even if you’ve never heard of Switchel, and the idea of a health drink turns you away – there’s no denying the irresistible taste Corina Belle-Isle created in Norwich, Vermont.

Switchy is irresistible, and that’s no exaggeration. All focus group participants just couldn’t put it down. Unanimously across ages and demographics – it tastes great!

– Corina Belle-Isle, Founder

Corina’s Switchy is fizzy and bold with only fresh ingredients. A healthy alternative to sports drinks and soda.

What is Switchel?

A 17th century recipe, transformed in 21st century Vermont.

Switchel was originally created in the West Indies from the 17th-19th century to provide lost calories and electrolytes in the absence of drinkable water.  In an effort to make the “drinking vinegar” more palatable, Corina decided to do her own experimenting with both traditional and new ingredients (like Vermont maple syrup and organic honey).

The result was Unbridled Switchy, her “go-to” and “do-all” refreshing health drink.

There are so many ways to enjoy Switchy: as a morning tonic, a mid-afternoon boost, wash down your favorite meal, warm it and add a dash of cinnamon, and on and on…

– Corina Belle-Isle, Founder

Corina now makes her Unbridled Switchy for others, a delicious combination of fresh lime juice, floral ginger juice, organic cane sugar, organic apple cider vinegar, and hints of aromatic warming spices.

Health Benefits of Corina’s Switchy

The secret: fresh & organic ingredients.

Fresh lime juice provides a range of health benefits from regulating blood sugar to rejuvenating skin and aiding in weight loss. Switchy contains 15% Vitamin C, thanks to fresh lime juice.

Unlike many beverages, Switchy is 30% real food and 70% water. Clean labeling is critical.

– Corina Belle-Isle, Founder

Even more health benefits come from ginger and organic apple cider vinegar: joint pain relief, nausea relief, maintaining healthy cholesterol and aiding digestion.

“Flip the Bird Before Opening”

We should do what?

Besides great label design – there’s meaning behind the magpie in Corina’s logo.

Magpies are mischievous, clever, and oh-so-curious. So are we.

– Corina Belle-Isle, Founder

Switchy is unfiltered, so customers are encouraged to shake up the bottle of raw ingredients, aka “Flip the Bird” before drinking.

NOBL & Corina’s Switchy

A merging of minds in the innovative beverage market.

The team at NOBL is thrilled to begin our partnership with the great people behind Corina’s Switchy. We thrive on creativity and innovation, and Corina does too.

Lookout for bottles with the bird, or on-tap alongside NOBL coffee!


Keep up with Corina’s Switchy at their website, Instagram, and Facebook page.

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