NOBL on Draft

Fresh, Consistent, High Quality Cold Brew Coffee and Tea.

Cold Brew Coffee On Tap

NOBL Coffee has partnered with coffee roasters throughout New England and beyond to bring you a diverse lineup of nitro-infused cold brew coffees (available hot and cold).

NOBL Colombia

Our first house blend, NOBL Colombia is a medium roast that is vibrant and bright. It has notes of cherry and milk chocolate.

NOBL Congo

Our newest house roast, NOBL Congo Kalehe is a full body dark roast that is smooth and rich. It has notes of dark chocolate and stone fruit. It is USDA Organic and Fair Trade Certified.

Rare Breed (Formerly A&E)

Super Groove is a Central and South American blend that has lower acidity with vanilla and dark chocolate notes. It is a bold dark roast with a heavier body and a lingering finish. Rare Breed does all their roasting in Nashua, New Hampshire.

Barrington Coffee

This Kalledevarapura is a single origin medium roast that is sweet, delicate, buttery and creamy with filbert and milk chocolate flavors. Roasted by Barrington Coffee Roasting Company in Lee, Massachusetts, the beans for Kalledevarapura have been sourced directly from the Shankar family since the mid-90's.

Cape Cod Coffee

Cape Cod blend is a balanced, Scandinavian dark roast has a medium to full body. It’s roasted right on the Cape in Mashpee, Massachusetts, using beans responsibly sourced from Central and South America.

Coffee by Design

This Colombia Vienna blend is a balanced sweet medium roast with a clearly defined cherry flavor. Coffee by Design roasts their coffee in Portland, Maine, and the beans for Colombia Vienna are responsibly sourced from Medellin, Colombia.

Dean's Beans

A blend of medium and dark roast coffee, Dean’s Beans is smooth and sweet with low acidity, robust body, and notes of chocolate. A combination of Colombian, Nicaraguan, Honduran, and Sumatran coffees, the blend is organic, fair trade certified, and roasted in Orange, Massachusetts.

Equal Exchange

A fruity and bright full city roast, Equal Exchange is an East African blend with notes of raspberry, blueberry, and chocolate ice cream.


A medium roast with a sweet aroma and notes of chocolate, malt, and toffee. Fazenda is a smooth and balanced blend sourced from Central and South America and roasted in Dedham, Massachusetts.

George Howell

This Antigua blend is a medium roast with notes of dark chocolate and molasses. George Howell Coffee roasts this blend right in Acton, Massachusetts, with beans responsibly sourced from Antigua, Guatemala.

Java Tree

Java Tree is a medium-dark roast that has notes of dark cocoa and has a slight nutty character. Java Tree Gourmet Coffees does all their roasting in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Jim's Organic Coffee

A full-bodied dark roast with ambrosian aroma, this Sweet Love blend has notes of chocolate, syrup, orange, and berry. It’s certified organic and roasted by Jim’s Organic in West Wareham, Massachusetts.

New England Coffee

New England Coffee

New England Coffee uses Colombia’s top-grade extra large Arabica beans for their Colombian Supremo coffee. Its intense flavor and rich aroma make it the world’s best-selling origin and one of their most popular roasts. Roasted in Malden, Massachusetts.

New Harvest

A light to medium coffee with notes of chocolate and a mellow red fruit acidity. This single-origin La Rosa is roasted by New Harvest in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, using beans responsibly sourced from Naranjo, Costa Rica.

Red Barn

A French-roast and South American blend, this 1715 blend is medium bodied with a hint of smokiness. Red Barn Coffee Roasters does its roasting in Hopkinton, Massachusetts.

Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl

This directly sourced, medium roast, single-origin coffee from Peru is grown by farmers in Lucmahuayco. It features a rich, smooth body with virtually no bitterness. Flavor notes: hazelnut, cocoa butter, brown sugar. Roasted in Sandwich, MA.

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A medium roast, single origin coffee from Papua New Guinea in the region of Ulya, Wahgi Valley. This coffee has notes of roasted nuts and dried fruit.
Roasted in Laconia, NH

Where We Source NOBL Coffee

We partnered with Mighty peace Coffee to source our newest Dark Roast Coffee, the Congo Kalehe. Mighty Peace Coffee, founded in 2018, is a women-and-minority-owned social impact coffee company based in the U.S. with offices in Europe and Africa. They are introducing a new global trade model that takes care of people and the planet while promoting peace. Mighty Peace Coffee is serving 9,000 farmers in the Democratic Republic of Congo by delivering epic specialty coffee around the world.

A Farmer’s Story

Victorina is one of the farmers who contributes to Umoja. She built a house, purchases clothes for her family, and feels secure in knowing that she now doesn’t need to travel to find a buyer, because that places her at risk of attack. Victorina is now able to pay for her children’s school fees as well as buy her own fields.

Our Congo Kalehe grows in South Kivu and is a product of the hard work of over 11,600 members. Certified Fairtrade and Organic cooperatives like the ones we work with have helped provide stability in the coffee sector in a region that is often fraught with coffee smuggling. For many of the members, coffee is a key source of income and helps promote rights for marginalized groups.

Cold Brew Tea On Tap

Refreshing, Nitro-infused cold brew tea available on draft. Fresh brewed loose leaf tea made without compromise. Crisp, clean, and delicious. 

Lemon Ginger Green Tea

A green lemon tea with organic cold pressed ginger, 100% lemon juice, and lightly sweetened with organic sugar.

Nobl N'ice Tea

Jasmine Black Tea Unsweetened

Our Jasmine Black Tea is a refreshing cold brew black tea blend with an orange and floral taste profile. The blend is made with Chinese black tea, jasmine green tea, lemongrass, rose petals, and cornflower.

Peach Turmeric Black Tea

Our signature Jasmine Black Tea infused with organic Turmeric, 100% peach juice, and lightly sweetened with organic sugar.

Hibiscus Lavender Tea

A tart and refreshing Hibiscus tea infused with organic lavender and honey for a little sweetness.