Distributed Products

We have curated a group of fresh, local, innovative products made with real ingredients. Available in bottles, cans, and on tap.

We Are Now NOBL Beverages

In the beginning, our mission was simple: high quality cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen. This quickly opened our eyes to the possibilities of what craft beverages could be. We expanded into cold brew tea, cold brew coffee lattes, and more. Still, we can’t do it all. So we’ve selectively curated a beverage portfolio with products whose core values align with ours. Some of those values include no artificial flavors, sourced locally (if possible), and made fresh to provide you with the highest quality beverage. You can find these products alongside us in many of our current NOBL accounts and in our brand new beverage coolers!

Locally Sourced from Middlebury, VT

Authentic, Organic, Non-alcoholic kombucha handcrafted in Vermont. Available in bottles and on draft.

“In 2007, I set out to craft a healthier alternative to soda for my community. Kombucha, with its bubbly, delicious flavor and active probiotics, was the natural choice. Using only premium teas and ingredients, we produce authentic, non-alcoholic Kombucha – to be enjoyed by all.”
– Jeff Weaber Founder

Kombucha for Kids

The world’s first kids kombucha, replacing juice boxes as a better for kids alternative with 3B live probiotics + a daily dose of superfruit vitamin C to deliver proven digestive and immune health benefits in each kid-sized can. Certified organic, shelf stable (lunchbox ready), only 3-4g of sugar per can; no artificial sweetener.

Locally Sourced from Milton, VT

USDA Organic, NON-GMO sparkling tree water sustainably sourced in Vermont. trētap owns the sources of production (maple trees in Vermont) and transforms them into refreshing sparkling beverages, a truly a unique Vermont experience. trētap is organic, low calorie, low sugar using our own organic syrup as the sweetener, NON-GMO and kosher certified.

Cactus Water- The New Coconut Water

Known as nature's sustainability superstar, the prickly pear cactus is the most drought-resistant crop on earth, requiring little-to-no water to thrive. But it's not only awesome for the environment, it also tastes amazing and is packed full of electrolytes. If you've been looking for a a healthy hydration beverage, you've found your match.


Fermented Pineapple Beverage

Tepache is a fermented beverage that has been served and sipped since ancient times. Traditionally homebrewed, this naturally fermented beverage is made with pineapples and a unique blend of aromatics and spices. It is bubbly, refreshing, naturally sweet, and has under 50 calories. It is similar to kombucha, but has a milder taste, making it a great soda alternative.

Real Plant Magic

"Our truly natural herbal sparkling seltzer waters are made from whole organic plants, are gluten free, and do not contain so called “Natural Flavors”. Our source water is PFAS free (no forever chemicals) and our cans are BPA-NI (known as BPA free). DRAM was created out of our shared passion for plant magic, and delicious food and drink. We are avid gardeners, and love foraging the Colorado wilderness for wild herbs and mushrooms. We’re plant freaks!" - Shae and Brady

Find Your Balance

VYBES is founded upon the belief that cannabinoids, adaptogens, and natural plant derivatives hold significant powers and their beverages are crafted with their potential in mind. Each bottle has 25 mg of Hemp Extract and is lab tested for purity. Check each batch's details on their website idrinkvybes.com.

More Ocean. Less Plastic.

Open Water is ultra-purified, electrolyte-packed canned water in BPA-free aluminum packaging. Recyclable? Check. Climate Neutral? You bet.

Plastic bottled water is a problem, but the industry keeps growing despite the wide availability of sustainable alternatives like reusable bottles and refill stations. We needed a more pragmatic solution, so we set out to start a bottled water company that was different. We launched in 2014 and have eliminated the need for over 20 million plastic bottles. Join us and help us make a difference!

Look out for our new Daybreak Chai!
Available Hot or Iced.