NOBL UNH Kegerator

Who We Are

In the beginning, our mission was simple: craft high quality cold brew coffee and infuse it with nitrogen for a smooth, creamy, and downright delicious cup. But as we perfected our technique, it became clear that we were capable of offering much more. 

After some hard work and a few spilled mugs of coffee, we expanded our portfolio. We now offer a variety of beverages made using only fresh ingredients and our development team is always hard at work creating innovative offerings. We put quality first, which means we never use artificial flavors, source local ingredients whenever available, and use gentle, natural processing methods to protect the natural flavors of our products. 

We’ve come a long way since our first keg of cold brew. We’ve even grown our reach from just a handful of locations in New Hampshire to a distribution network that services all of New England and beyond. Thanks to this robust network, we’re able to provide co-packing services for an ever-growing and diverse portfolio of some of the most innovative craft beverages on the market today.

Spring Seasonal Release:

Pistachio Baklava Latte

Spring is officially upon us, and therefore so is the Pistachio Baklava Latte! It’s a smooth, nutty latte that is unlike any other pistachio coffee you’ve tried. It is made with an actual brewed whole pistachios that give it a much more authentic flavor than what is often labeled “pistachio”. As usual it is made with Oat Milk and our Organic Congo Kalehe Coffee. Hope you enjoy it!