Revelstoke Cafe

Revelstoke: Concord’s New & Modern Coffee Shop

An international vision brought to Main Street.

Simple & High Quality

Revelstoke Coffee’s welcome debut.

Downtown Concord has had it’s fair share of changes in the past few years. From the reconstruction of Main Street to rotations of storefronts both new and old,  business partners Alex Stoyle and Lyndsey Cole seized the opportunity of a lifetime – opening a fresh and modern coffee shop in the heart of New Hampshire’s capital.

Revelstoke Coffee embodies high-quality simplicity. The pair custom-designed many elements of the shop themselves including the concrete countertop, hand-poured by Alex.

As for the coffee – fresh and local roasts are highlighted, a welcome lineup free of syrups and artificial flavoring.

“We wanted people to experience the simple flavors of coffee itself without additives or flavoring. Anyone who’s tried it has liked it, and have come back for more.”

– Lyndsey Cole, Co-Founder

Revelstoke Coffee

Inspiration in Travel

Meaning behind the name & experience.

Revel means to enjoy oneself while Stoke means to consume for energy. Beyond the fun mashup of meanings, the shop’s named after the town of Revelstoke.

The pair stumbled upon Revelstoke during a road trip through Banff National Park in British Columbia. Alex and Lyndsey found inspiration in their years of traveling and living internationally, where they often sought out local coffee shops.

Since both grew up in New Hampshire, they wanted to bring that unique international coffee shop experience to Concord.

“The space was great with great shops in the area. The view of the Capital building from the front windows is hard to beat.”

– Lyndsey Cole, Co-Founder

Revelstoke Storefront

Keeping it Fresh

Guest roast program & what’s to come.

Throughout the week, regulars stop by to sip coffee, tea, and settle in with paperwork or opened laptops. Ample seating, outlets for devices, and “telephone booths” for patrons to take calls are welcome and modern features in the new downtown space.

Along with the house roast and other staple drinks, customers can expect the projector-powered menu to change with new products. Soon, Revelstoke will roll out their “Guest Roast Program” which will feature specialty roasts from around the country.

NOBL Coffee pour

NOBL & Revelstoke Coffee

A shared passion for innovation & great coffee.

NOBL anticipated Revelstoke’s opening since the summer of 2018. In addition to carrying NOBL coffee on tap, Revelstoke has helped brainstorm cool new product ideas, creating a partnership of shared values in innovation and great coffee.


Visit Revelstoke Coffee at 1 Eagle Square, Concord, NH, open Monday – Saturday 7am-3pm. Stay up-to-date via Revelstoke’s Instagram or Facebook.

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