Quality & Inspiration at Apotheca Flower Shoppe

Coffee, tea, & flowers - making the simple, spectacular.

From Historic Train Station to Flower Shoppe & Cafe

Built in 1800 as a passenger depot for the New Hampshire Central Railroad in Goffstown, the location was a travel hub for over a century.

Flash forward to 2008, Founder & Creative Director of Apotheca Flower Shoppe, Alyssa Van Guilder, converted Goffstown’s historic marker into a front-end cafe and full-service espresso bar, reserving the back end for artisan gifts and flowers.

Beyond providing floral arrangements for weddings and events, Apotheca’s mission is to spread inspiration and good vibes in their cafe with antique furniture, bright window seating, and lots of plants. Not only is the space itself unique and historic, but warm and inviting.

A&E Coffee & Tea: The Roaster Behind the Cafe

The first Certified Organic Coffee Roaster in New Hampshire.

Adam and Emeran Langmaid opened A&E in 2001 after a decade of hobby coffee roasting. With a desire for quality ingredients, the pair turned their passion into a business based out of Amherst, NH.

A&E Coffee & Tea promotes environmental sustainability and economically fair trade with their growers.

We not only look at quality, but how the farms are managed and the social and sustainable projects they are implementing.

– Emeran Langmaid, Owner of A&E Coffee & Tea

A&E partnered with Apotheca in 2017 to manage the shop’s front-end cafe. The cafe offers a variety of A&E’s fair-trade coffee, loose leaf teas, and light breakfast and lunch options.

Partners in Good

Committed to inspiration, kindness, and community.

A&E and Apotheca are passionate about doing good for the community and the world through ethical trade practices and spreading good vibes and kindness.

The Women Coffee Series (Strong Women – Strong Coffee) is an initiative from A&E to source single-origin beans from estates owned by women. April’s featured drink included coffee from Santa Rita Estate in Nicaragua, owned and operated by Dania Baltodano and Desiree Pereira.

Apotheca regularly supports local artists to feature on their website and invites members of the community to monthly artistic workshops, promoting craftsmanship and creativity.

We want you to feel the good vibes in our bright, plant filled space; and we hope you leave inspired by our special gathering of artisan goods.

– Apotheca Flower Shoppe

NOBL, A&E, and Apotheca Come Together

Inspiration in Quality Beverages.

NOBL and A&E Roastery came together to solve the cold brew problem: difficulty streamlining and producing quality, great tasting cold brew coffee.

NOBL has been a great partner in producing our cold brew so other locations can experience and love it too.

– Emeran Langmaid, Owner of A&E Coffee & Tea

A&E is excited to roll out their CBD program in cafes, adding healing oil to cold brew and teas. You can also find delicious new additions to their toast and bagel menu.

Apotheca, like NOBL, is committed to inspiration in all forms. Taking the simple things in life from flowers to a cup of coffee and making them spectacular.


You can find Apotheca Flower Shoppe at 24C Main Street, Goffstown, NH.

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