Bryan at Freedom Cafe

Charity & Outreach at The Freedom Cafe

The specialty cafe serving locally and globally.

The Freedom Cafe’s Mission

Can People, Planet, & Profit Coexist?

The Freedom Cafe in Durham, NH, is a non-profit specialty cafe and outreach space. Their mission is spreading awareness, education, and training on issues of human trafficking.

President and Executive Director, Bryan Bessette, co-founded the cafe after a service trip to Nepal. Working with families recovering from slavery, Bessette felt inspired to do more.

He co-founded The Freedom Cafe in 2012 to help end human trafficking, increase consumer awareness, and promote Fair Trade

Bryan at the Freedom Cafe, NOBL Coffee

Events & Outreach

The cafe donates 50% of all profits to charities and projects and is mostly run by volunteers. The space also hosts a variety of education and fundraising events.

The cafe holds weekly “Outreach Team Meetings” free to everyone and open mic “Perform for Freedom” every Wednesday night.

“Open mic night is thriving, it’s jammed in here most Wednesdays.”

– Bryan Bessette, President & Executive Director

The cafe also hosts “Seed to Cup Seminars” for coffee tasting, supply chain seminars, and a how-to in brewing your favorite coffee or tea at home. Community educational seminars are also available as a part of their outreach initiatives.

NOBL & The Freedom Cafe

As one of our first customers, NOBL formed a early partnership with The Freedom Cafe in the beginning stages of both organizations. Since 2015 we’ve proudly provided quality coffee and kombucha products both on-draft and in ready-to-drink options.

NOBL Tap handle at the Freedom Cafe

“Fair Trade is really important to us, we need to know where products are coming from as well as their quality.”

– Bryan Bessette, President & Executive Director

The newest on-draft option is from Equal Exchange, our roaster partner based in Massachusetts, who focuses on Fair Trade and sustainable business.

Ways to Support

The Freedom Cafe encourages community members and supporters to take action through volunteering and participating in outreach programs. Other ways to support can include becoming a conscious consumer of coffee, tea, and sugar or spreading the issue via word of mouth.


To stay updated on The Freedom Cafe check out their Twitter, Instagram, YouTube & Facebook page.

Visit them at 10 Mill Road, Durham, NH.

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